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What you can do
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Add one more dimension

Develop with time in mind, not only the 2D space. Position Effects and Animations, even other Clips and Sounds on your Clip's timeline and tell a story to your audience. These are all types of Components. We call them "Incidents". Strictly web technologies, a big variety of plugins all under one syntax and one logic.

Open Sandbox

We have dynamic content, why not dynamic Clips?

Everything is dynamic. Effects and Animations are dynamic, Plugins are dynamic, your own Clips are dynamic and parametric. They can accept data on run time and dynamically set their content, appearance, animations or even their duration. Rendering and editing happens extremely fast.

Distribute Clips

With DonkeyClip toolset distributing and embedding Clips is as easy as a copy-paste

Open Sandbox

Explore galaxies
of 'ready to use'
animations and plugins

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Get 'ready to use' animations and upload your work to the community

Check the animations library

Built in strong basis

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Cross Browser & Device Compatibility Smooth animations on both mobile and desktop

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Error-Free Bug-Free Expandable

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A community behind the project, ready to solve all your future questions

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Run-tim Control

Control the speed of the simulation, change the format of the clock display and many many other parameters

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Small memory usage, easy syntax and a powerfull Api

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Create smooth animations get the ideal perfomance for anything you will need

What's different with

Open Source : Community base, free to use forever

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Plug-in oriented design. The animation framework that collaborates with all librares

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Controls & demonstrates conflicts. Use free the Donckey Clip Viewer to inspect the animation

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Check the Motorcortex Player

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Open Source is on our DNA and part of
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