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Native commands

Once we have our Clip constructed is time for the action. MotorCortex provides all of the necessary methods to execute a Clip. These methods are provided onlyby the hosted Clips as hosted Clips are the only Incidents that can be executed.

Hosted Clips are the top-level Clips that take the host property. More on that later on.

The methods provided are the following:

(hosted) Clip:

  • play(): starts execution of the Clip from the current millisecond
  • pause(): pauses execution of the Clip. You can resume by play()
  • set executionSpeed (setter / executionSpeed = <whatever>): sets the speed execution of the Clip. Can be any positive or negative number

For seeking on the Clip there is a special Class provided by the MC API, the “TimeCapsule”.

The TimeCapsule accepts a hosted Clip on construction and then you can make a journey in time via it. The syntax (by example) is:

const TimeCapsule = new MotorCortex.TimeCapsule();

const journey = TimeCapsule.startJourney(myClip);