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As MotorCortex provides all the necessary native commands for the execution of a Clip, any developer can develop their own Player plugin. Player plugins differ from motorcortex plugins. Their purpose is not to provide new Effects, Animations or Clips, but rather to handle the execution and presentation experience. For example a player plugin could present a motorocorotex clip as a slide presentation.

The MotorCortex Player plugin provides a video-like player experience. This experience simulates the one users have when interacting with video context. The total duration of the motorcortex clip is presented with a timeline while the current temporal position is displayed onto that timeline. The player automaticaly scales your motorcortex clip based on your clip dimentions and on the available space, making sure that the your clip is presented the best way posible in any viewport. The user can:

  1. execute through buttons the play and pause methods
  2. seek the timeline for a specific part of the clip
  3. manipulate the volume and the speed of execution
  4. loop any part of the clip
  5. watch the clip in fullscreen

There is also the ability to enable or disable interactivity with the clip's content. For example a clip can present a "Call to Action" button that redirects the user to another website throught "mouse click" interaction. This is only posible if the clip has "pointer events" enabled. Otherwise any click interaction in the clip will trigger play or pause.

This player provides many other features available for developers such as dynamic change of motorcortex initial parameters, predifined and custom themes and many more.


Enable the pointer events through settings and go to 00:14 of the clip to to select text or images.