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MotorCortex is a dynamic video technology for the Web


It enables:
  • The creation of dynamic, portable clip components.
  • Real-time rendering and editing of clips

Under the hood, MotorCortex is an object-oriented JavaScript framework that provides CSS animation capabilities and supports plugins that:

  • Extend its functionality, for example, 3D, morph effect, combo animations, video playback capabilities, and more.
  • Offer ready-to-use full and parametric animations for your clips.

All of MotorCortex's plugins undergo quality control and code review before being listed on our official plugins page. This rigorous process ensures the safe use of MotorCortex, particularly when utilized via DonkeyClip (we'll revisit DonkeyClip in our tutorial).


MotorCortex serves as the core library and the heart of DonkeyClip. DonkeyClip is a platform that facilitates easy online storage, management, and distribution of your clips. DonkeyClip is entirely free and will always remain free, with just one condition: all your clips will be publicly available for use by all of DonkeyClip's users.


MotorCortex is provided under the 'community license,' which is fully compatible with DonkeyClip's free tier and applicable for non-commercial uses.