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Types of Plugins

There are the following types of plugins:

  • Plugins exposing Effects
  • Plugins exposing Animations
  • Plugins exposing composite Combos
  • Plugins that implement the CSS Layer
  • Plugins implementing media play Incidents
  • Plugins that implement new Clip types
  • Players

Before labeling these plugin types let's first see the three highlighted, new concepts introduced on this list.


Actually, you are already familiar with it as it's just an HTMLClip.

When creating plugins, anyone can extend the HTMLClip Class of MotorCortex, pre-set its HTML, CSS, fonts, etc and even add Incidents to it upfront. This type of Incidents are called Animation.

Animations are developed so they are parametric and they act as Clip templates that anyone can use in their own Clips.

If you want to learn more on Animations plugin development please be patient, is not too far down the way.


The Player plugins implement custom players for MotorCortex Clips. More details regarding Players can be found the "Execution" chapter.

new Clip types

The HTMLClip is just one of the many Clip types MotorCortex can support. In some cases HTML alone is not enough, such as canvas, webGL etc. Many plugins implement different types of Clips by the use of third party libraries, such as three.js and more. These plugins expose the Clip Incident, something that means that they make available a new Clip type.

Even in new Clip types, the logic of MotorCortex remains the same. Clips have context and Effects can be applied to its elements by the use of selectors. Many Clip types, one logic.

The most characteristic example of a Clip type is the three.js plugin.